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Multi Monitor Taskbar in Windows 10

Quickly setup and show a multi monitor taskbar in Windows 10. Follow these steps to show your Windows 10 taskbar on all your monitors for your computer.

Nick Frostbutter

You can get a multi monitor taskbar in Windows 10 with no extra software. All with the settings/features built directly into Windows.

When you have a multi monitor computer setup, the default Windows 10 taskbar settings will only show the taskbar on your primary monitor. But with a few setting updates directly in Windows 10, you can show the taskbar on all monitors at once.

Even change which applications show on which taskbar.

Quick Steps to Multi Monitor Taskbar:

  1. Connect your second monitor

  2. Open the "Taskbar Settings" window

  3. Click the "Show taskbar on all displays" buttons

  4. Customize the settings for your taskbar

  5. Enjoy!

1. Connect your second monitor

After you have your dual monitor setup in Windows 10, it is darn quick to configure the multi monitor taskbar. In order show the taskbar on both monitors, you have to have them hooked up and ready to go. Windows 10 will not allow you to alter these specific taskbar settings unless the second monitor is connected to the computer.

2. Open Taskbar Settings

Right click anywhere in the empty space of the Windows 10 taskbar. Then click on the "Taskbar settings" option from the context menu.

Right click on the Taskbar and select

3. Enable the Multi Monitor Taskbar

Scroll down to the bottom of the Taskbar settings window. Under the "Multiple Displays" options, toggle the "Show taskbar on all displays" button. Now your taskbar will show up on all your monitors.

Toggle the

4. Taskbar buttons on one screen only

After your taskbar is being show on all your monitors, you may want to update a few of the settings. Like only show the taskbar icons for the open applications and programs that are running on that monitor.

Select the

To only show the taskbar buttons for the programs open on that monitor, click on the "Show taskbar buttons on" drop down menu. Select the "Taskbar where window is open" option.

More Windows 10 Taskbar Settings?

Looking for more Windows 10 taskbar settings? Check out this great how-to-geek article. It is loaded with some other neat tips and tricks for the Windows 10 taskbar.